Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Zucchini Cheddar Bread and a Review

I still have too much Big Bertha-sized zucchini piled on my counters, and I finally don't feel guilty about giving some of them the heave-ho into the compost pile.  However, I used up approximately 1/2 of a giganto zucchini in this bread recipe.  Be warned- the bread tastes like cheezits when it comes out of the oven.  Next time I manage to have a block of aging aged cheddar and a whomping zuch around, I'll make this with all purpose flour to make the cheese stand out more after it has cooled to room temp.

Alex really liked this bread, my dad didn't get it, and I thought that it tasted great smothered in butter.

Recipe from Naturally Ella- check it out

On to the review!

A few weeks ago I was contacted by a representative of asking me if I would be willing to review their canvas prints.

Obviously I said yes, and here is my review!

The process of ordering a print is easy peasy.  You get to choose your own photo to have printed (assuming that its resolution is high enough) OR you can choose one of their art prints.  You can choose a canvas size anywhere from 8x8 to 40x40.  There is a meter that indicates whether or not your photo quality is high enough to be printed.

The canvas is wrapped around a wooden frame that is about 1" thick.  You can choose to have the photo extend to edges of the canvas that hit the wall, or have a solid color "framing" your photo.  I personally think that having the imaged wrapped around the edges is what makes this service worth it, otherwise why bother with it at all?  3D photo displays are the best.

One issue that I had with is that they charge for color finishing (aka changing your photo to black and white or to sepia), I suppose this is a valuable service for those rare people who lack iphoto or any other software that can do this for $0.  As far as I know they won't charge you if you upload a photo that is already B&W, so do so if you want a B&W print.  However, I do think that it is nice that they will retouch your photos for a fee (and you can give them instructions on what you want done).

Onto what I ordered!  I had a hard time deciding what to get printed.  I figured maybe I would want one of these studs to grace the canvas
But I decided that in the end I wanted something impersonal, since I can just print out those photos at a Target, slap them in a frame, and call it a done deal.  Having a glossy photo of something completely random framed is a little weird, but I figured that it would be perfect for a canvas print.

Those are mangosteen by the way.  I figured that since I was contacted through my food blog, that my product should somehow relate to food, and I love mangosteen.  They are gorgeous in addition to being addicting.  The only problem is that I have no idea where to hang it, hence it just leaning against a wall waiting for its perfect home.  We're currently living in limbo at my mom's house while it is on the market while working on our future "apartment" in my dad's basement.  

Having a photo printed on canvas is a great present for whomever has a special day coming up, whether it be a mother's/father's day present, birthday, housewarming, wedding, ANYTHING!

Because I am a cheapskate, I inquired about any discounts that I could offer you should you decide that you must have one.  Now that I have one, I wouldn't let anyone pry it away from my dead fingers.  Just so you know.  I figured that there would be a cute blogger discount available for around 15% like you see EVERYWHERE, but I can do you one better.

If you check out Easy Canvas prints on Facebook and "like" them, you can get 50% off of your order and free shipping.  Neato?  Yes.  If you like spending money or shun social networking sites, they are currently running a 25% off and free shipping deal without having to like anything on Facebook.

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