Monday, February 7, 2011

Lychee Smoothie

One of my favorite things about China was being exposed to so many different kinds of food.  My favorite food there??  Definitely the fruit.  Oh, and bubble tea.  And I kind of liked the chicken dishes that had colored sprinkles all over them, but only for the aesthetics.  Anyway, I was delighted when I found some lychee juice at the grocery store the other day, and immediately grabbed it up.  Granted, the first ingredient listed is pear juice... so pear juice (or a few pears) would work just as well for this light drink.
I made this up when I got home from school today because I accidentally bought a wrap that had olives in it (if you've read my about me page you'll know that I detest olives) and had rancid breath for hours.  I wanted something scrumptious and cleansing immediately, and voila- a smoothie!  I know that I've been posting non-stop about smoothies, which may seem ridiculous considering that all that you need for a good smoothie is some fruit or veggies.  However, even though this recipe is super duper simple I thought that it would be a nice way to remind people to throw in some unexpected ingredients into their smoothies once in a while.

1 cup of lychee juice (there are variations on the spelling), pear juice, actual lychees, or chopped up pear
1 cup of frozen strawberries
1 frozen banana

Give ingredients a whirl in the blender and serve immediately.

Sweet tooth acting up?
Put a whopping dollop of whipped cream in with the fruit.  Nummmm.


Kat said...

Krista. thanks for stopping by my blog. Those quesadillas hit the spot so I understand what you are feeling right now! Been browsing your blog and came across this lychee smoothie! I love love love lychees! i dated a guy for a long time who was 1/2 chinese and when he introduced me to lychees i thought i died and went to heaven. will be checking out more posts. thanks again! xo

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