Friday, January 27, 2012

Jamba Juice Smoothie Kit Review

In the past I was pretty shameful when it came to buying new products.  I would watch an infomercial and immediately think that my life was incomplete without that product.  That is how I wound up with a hair waxing product that was heavily advertised as edible.  Since then I have become a wiser consumer, and I think about whether or not I really need something for at least 30 seconds now!

Since I never visit the snack and chip aisle at the grocery store, I hardly ever get to see anything new and exciting foodwise.  However, Jamba Juice has a newish (at least to me) product- smoothie kits!
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These kits are sold at Target, Walmart, and other national/regional locations.  At Target one kit will run for $2.50, which is much cheaper than getting your smoothie fix from the actual Jamba Juice.  Apparently Costco sells these as well, I just need to get there to see how great of a deal they will be!

A lot of amazing restaurants (California Pizza Kitchen, PF Changs, etc.) have expanded their reach into the aisles of grocery stores, which seems like a great idea when you are grocery shopping and want familiar restaurant flavors without the high price.  Then you get home and you realize that you ended up overpaying anyway for the name and are stuck with an average product.  Even though I have only tried one smoothie kit so far, I can say that the kits do deliver on their authenticity.

What I love the most about this kit is that I don't need to spend money on a bag of blueberries, a bag of strawberries, etc..  I don't think that you could even buy a bag of just blueberries for $2.50....  You do need to have juice (in this case apple), but if you forget to pick some up I don't think that you would regret making your smoothie with milk or another juice variety.

The only con is that you need to have a pretty powerful blender to make this quickly.  Even at my blender's most "powerful" speed I had to stop it and stir up the contents several times.  However, I didn't mind spending the extra time manipulating the slush since I didn't have to stand in a mile-long line.

I'll be keeping my eyes peeled for the Orange Dream Machine variety- that is my favorite!

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